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Welcome to my world!

The common ant's life is very hard, but these insects are not so regular. A radiation contaminated their dna, so they have become larger day by day. After all, their brain was developed, and they began to use weapons.

Green ants, plant like weapons, mad armed AI, Multiplayer/Co-op.

- - - Prealpha server launched: June 1st (18:00 GMT +02:00) - - -

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Tutorial first mission:

  • Follow the glowing area, to reach the bag.

  • Tutorial second mission:
  • Pick up the blue berries.

  • Tutorial third mission:
  • Pick up the practice gun, and shoot the moving targets.
  • Under development

    • Trade with NPC (Done)
    • Quests (On the way)
    • Mob AI (On the way)
    • Potions (On the way)
    • Events (Planned)
    • Minigames (Planned)
    • Dungeons (Planned)
    • Guilds (Planned)
    • Craftable items (Planned)
    • Own buildable house (Planned)
    • Own garden with plants (Planned)

    Map types

    • FFA (Available)
    • Team Death Match (Available)
    • Capture The Food (Available)
    • Get a Food (Planned)
    • Race (Planned)
    • Domination (Planned)
    • King of the Hill (Available)
    • Assault (Planned)


    • Bean Gun - Like assault rifle
    • Raisin Gun - Like shotgun
    • Carrot Cannon - Like rocket launcher
    • Corn Gun - Like rifle
    • Pepper Gun - Like pistol
    • ...

    Playable maps

    • Forest - Village
    • Tavern - Drink N Chat
    • Kitchen - For Battle
    • Garage - For Battle
    • Yard - For Battle
    • ...


    • Mouse (Look around - Aiming)
    • W,A,S,D (Movement)
    • Space (Jump)
    • E (Interact)
    • I (Inventory & Character)
    • Enter (Open chat)
    • Escape (Leave map or game)

    = = Game file download coming soon = =

    (test.zip for only testing)


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    the game cant understand why i should play this can understand make your game english that will the better not like spanish kind of

    when i log in and this is it say

    Belépés előtt aktiválnod kell a fiókod.
    Az aktiváló linket korábban már elküldtük az általad megadott e-mail címre.

    what is this mean i cant understand what is this mean

    Sorry about it. After registration do you got an email message with activation link. Click on it to activate your account, after you can login on website. English translation is in progress. Currently the site is Hungarian.

    your website cant understand sorry am not a spanish

    the game as never unlock yet i did wait but still not open

    What's locked?

    Are you registered on an official webpage?

    Register, log in and download it.

    Click on the banner to jump to webpage.

    the game its to far to get the pre alpah please not june please update the pre alpah for may not june thats too far mounth

    Is it possible to be part of the closed alpha for Youtube purposes?

    Sorry, but presently only the development team can access the server.

    i like this please how long you will done this gameplay

    Soon we will make a new gameplay about the current developments

    in which the battle system can be examined.

    In addition, the creatures will also be presented.

    I can't launch this game HELP

    It's not possible yet to download the game.

    The downloadable file is just an image for testing, not for playing.

    Soon we make available the beta version of the game.

    In the meantime, we ask for your patience.

    Hi! Thank you!

    Yes, the game will be 32, and 64-bit versions.

    hey this game is cool is this a 32-bit?